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Latest vaccine schedules and resources

Latest vaccine schedules and resources

Below are the latest schedules and information for public COVID-19 vaccinations in Southwest Florida.

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To see the FDOH’s report on who has been vaccinated in the state, click here (PDF download). The report is updated daily.

Florida Department of Health has a vaccine locator to confirm vaccine locations and contact information in the state.

Please pay attention to the criteria listed for each site, as vaccinations may only be offered for certain people and may require appointments.


Governor DeSantis has expanded the groups eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida. Beginning March 3, eligible residents include:

Long-term care facility residents and staff;

Persons 65 years of age and older;

Persons under 65 deemed medically vulnerable by a physician;

Health care personnel with direct patient contact;

K-12 school employees 50 years of age and older;

Sworn law enforcement officers 50 years of age and older; and

Firefighters 50 years of age and older

UNDER-65 VACCINATIONS: People younger than 65 may receive a vaccine if judged extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 by their doctor, who would need to fill out and sign this special form for you to present at a vaccination site.

Teachers, health care personnel, law enforcement, etc. may be required to provide a badge and/or pay stub.


State Surgeon General Dr. Scott A. Rivkees issued an advisory on Jan. 21 stating that before administering the first dose of the vaccine, every vaccine provider in the state should make sure the recipient is either a ‘resident’ of Florida or an individual who is in Florida to provide health care services that require direct contact with patients.

To see the requirements, click the following link: Residency requirement checklist (PDF)


Those eligible for the vaccine in the state can visit to get pre-registered for the COVID-19 vaccine to be administered by the Florida Department of Health.

On the site, you can select your county and submit your contact information. Once appointments are available, you will be contacted by phone call, text or email and will be assisted in scheduling an appointment. Callbacks are made in the order individuals register. Entering your information multiple times is not necessary and will not increase your chances of getting an appointment.

If you miss the callback, a detailed voicemail will be left and operators will make multiple attempts to reach you. Callbacks from the statewide preregistration site will come from a number with the area code of the county for which you registered. You can also expect to receive an email confirmation of your appointment if you provide their email.

Additionally, as part of the statewide registration system, each county has a designated phone number that you can call and pre-register if you do not have internet access. You may also call this number to ask questions or get information. Whether you pre-register online or by phone, your place in line will be reserved using Sharecare.

You can only sign up for one appointment at a time. For example, if you signed up for vaccines in both Charlotte and Lee counties, it will only select the last county you registered in and the first county will be deleted.

Florida Preregistration System Toll-Free Numbers in Southwest Florida:

Charlotte: 866-200-9160 or (TTY) 833-990-3549

Collier: 866-201-4885 or (TTY) 833-990-3490

DeSoto: 866-201-7013 or (TTY) 833-476-1026

Glades: 866-201-6695 or (TTY) 833-476-1524

Hendry: 866-201-6745 or (TTY) 833-990-3548

Lee: 866-200-3468 or (TTY) 855-665-6608

More: For all other counties, click here

A quick walkthrough

You will want to select your home county from the drop-down menu. Then, click “get in line”;

The next page asks for your information, including name, birthdate, zip code and phone number;

It also asks if you use an Epi-pen, or if you’re a frontline medical worker and if you’re a Florida resident;

Then, it asks if you want to be contacted on your phone by text or email;

Once you fill that out, you are directed to another page that tells you whether you’re eligible or not.


Publix is opening its online reservation system for COVID 19 vaccination appointments at all 730 of its in-store Florida pharmacies, including the addition of 136 stores in Broward and Miami Dade counties.

Next appointment scheduling starts Monday, March 8, at 7 a.m.

For more information on and to reserve a slot, click here.

The company said they are “discouraging individuals from arriving prior to the 7 a.m. start time as it has no bearing on the ability to book an appointment.”

You must reserve your spot online and not in person or by phone.

Waiting & Booking Pages: Customers will now clearly be able to see the difference between the waiting and booking pages.

The digital reservation system is designed to ensure consistent site stability in the face of tremendous demand, according to Publix. They added, “This necessitates that only a limited number of website visitors enter the system at any one time. As our scheduling events start, our webpage transitions and several thousand customers are presented with the “booking” page displaying the “Book An Appointment” button, while the remaining hundreds of thousands of customers stay on a waiting page. Some customers have been confused by this experience.”

Customers will now have a very clear visual at the top of their screen indicating they are waiting. The page will continue to refresh automatically every minute. If room in the digital reservation system becomes available, the webpage will transition to the booking page, and customers will be directed to click a button to book an appointment.

System Closure: In recent events, Publix has had hundreds of thousands more visitors on the site than there are appointments available. As a result, hundreds of thousands of individuals, many of whom arrive right at the start time, have been unable to secure an appointment.

Many customers will be informed once the reservation system is closed. As opposed to waiting without the ability to book an appointment, those who receive this notification can carry on with their morning activities. “There is more demand for the vaccine than available supply, and we understand that’s frustrating,” Publix said in a statement. “There will be more scheduling opportunities and we encourage those who don’t get an appointment to check back for the next opportunity.

During the Publix Pharmacy booking process, you may be asked for Medicare information if you are on Medicare. The shot is still given at no cost to you whether or not you choose to provide that information.

For those who receive vaccines from Publix, your second appointment will be 28 days after your first dose at the same time and location as your first appointment. You will receive a notification about one week prior to your second appointment.

If you need to receive your second dose at a different location than the first, you will need to wait until the digital reservation system is open again to schedule another appointment. If you do so, there is no need to cancel your original second dose appointment.

Costs and insurance

Vaccinations are provided to eligible individuals, by appointment only, while supplies last, and at no cost to the individual. Customers with health insurance will need to bring their insurance card to their scheduled appointment. Medicare members should bring their red, white and blue Medicare Part B card. Customers without health insurance will need to provide their driver’s license or Social Security number.


How do I schedule my second dose? Subject to availability. You will have a second dose available at the same Publix Pharmacy exactly 28 days following your first appointment. Your appointment day and time will match the appointment when you received the first dose. For example, if your first appointment was January 12 at 11 a.m., then your second appointment will be on February 9 at 11 a.m. You will also receive a notification about one week prior to your second appointment.

Can I make a second appointment for my partner, spouse, etc.? Yes. You will see an option to book another appointment once you complete the first one. You will be able to schedule a maximum of four appointments.

Will I be able to schedule my second dose at a different pharmacy than where I received the first dose? If you need to receive your second dose at a different location than the first, you will need to wait until the digital reservation system is open again to schedule another appointment. If you do so, there is no need to cancel your original second dose appointment.


Appointments are required at all retail pharmacies.

Governor DeSantis has expanded the groups eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida. Beginning March 3, eligible residents include:

Long-term care facility residents and staff;

Persons 65 years of age and older;

Persons under 65 deemed medically vulnerable by a physician;

Health care personnel with direct patient contact;

K-12 school employees 50 years of age and older;

Sworn law enforcement officers 50 years of age and older; and

Firefighters 50 years of age and older

Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies

If the website shows there are no appointments available at a location, it means all appointments are booked.

Membership is not required to get a vaccination at Sam’s Club, though no Southwest Florida locations have yet been announced as receiving the vaccine.

To check for an appointment time visit: or

Winn-Dixie pharmacies

Administering the vaccine by appointment only, and only one appointment can be booked at a time.

While booking, there is a chat bubble that comes up, and people can ask questions through that, or they can call the Winn-Dixie customer support number: 1-866-946-6349.

To check for an appointment time visit:

CVS pharmacies

CVS is vaccinating those 65+; Teachers K-12, day care and preschool workers and staff; health care and EMS workers. Each store can administer up to 100 doses per day.

To check for an appointment time visit:

Walgreens pharmacies

Starting Thursday, March 4, Walgreens began offering vaccine appointments. You may be required to create and sign into a Walgreens online account.

To check for an appointment time visit:


The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is working with the CDC and other federal partners to provide COVID-19 vaccines to Veterans and VA health care personnel.

For the latest information and answers specifically for veterans visit

Homebound Veterans and COVID-19

Gov. Ron DeSantis has directed the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Division of Emergency Management to coordinate with the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs to identify veterans of World War II and the Korean War who are unable to travel to receive a vaccine.

Follow THIS LINK to enter your contact information or call (850) 487-1533, extension 9 for details.


To make an appointment (FDOH-Lee):

Lee County has opted to use the state’s registration site – Once you’re pre-registered, you will receive a call when appointments open up and are available.

When those with appointments arrive at the site, a Florida Driver License or Florida Identification Card will be required, or two additional documents. Visit for examples of acceptable documents.

Florida residency documentation does not apply to first doses for health care providers. It also does not apply to individuals receiving their second dose.

PREPARE FOR VACCINE: Those with reservations can expedite the process by coming prepared: visit to read the Moderna vaccination information and to print and complete the consent form.


If you received your first dose after Jan. 20:

Individuals leave the site with a scheduled time and date for their second dose. The time will be the same time of day they were scheduled for their first dose. The information will be noted on the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card each person receives. FDOH-Lee and the county started using this second-dose scheduling method last week.

FDOH-Lee will administer all second-dose vaccinations at the county’s site near Southwest Florida International Airport off Daniels Parkway (16000 Chamberlin Parkway

Fort Myers, FL 33913). No second doses will be administered at parks, libraries or recreation centers.

People with second-dose appointments will need to bring two items to their appointments:

A government-issued ID.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card received when the first shot was administered. (If you have lost your card, staff on site can look up the information.)

BEWARE OF SCAMS: As COVID-19 vaccine distribution continues, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office advises to be aware of emerging fraud schemes, such as:

Calls asking to pay out of pocket to get the vaccine.

Calls asking to pay to put your name on a vaccine waiting list or to get early access.

Advertisements for vaccines through social media platforms, email, telephone calls, online or from unsolicited/unknown sources.

Marketers offering to sell or ship doses of the vaccine for payment.

Requests from someone unknown to an individual asking for a social security number, bank account information or credit card information.

Lee County residents who believe they have been the victim of COVID-19 fraud can report it to:

Lee County Sheriff’s Office fraud line – 258-3292

HHS-OIG Hotline: 1-800-HHS-TIPS or log on to

FBI Hotline: 1-800-CALL-FBI

CMS/Medicare Hotline: 1-800-MEDICARE

You will never be asked to give out credit card information or a Social Security number to schedule an appointment for a vaccine. If someone asks, hang up and report it.

More information on the county’s vaccine rollout can be found at People can visit Lee County Government Facebook and other social media channels ( or monitor Florida DOH’s Twitter @flhealthlee.

LINK: Lee County Government newsletter for vaccine updates

The United Way 211 line is activated for questions related to the vaccine and its rollout in Lee County. Call 239-433-3900 or dial 211.

You can also sign up for the Lee County Government vaccine information newsletter here.

Click here to download a PDF of the above map.


To make an appointment: The Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County launched a call center for COVID-19 vaccine appointments. Appointments may be made when they are available by calling 866-200-9160 (or 833-990-3549 for TTY users). You may call ahead to leave your information for a callback to schedule an appointment.

COVID-19 vaccinations are being offered to high-risk frontline health care workers and to those 65 and older.

Appointments are based on vaccine availability. New appointment openings will be announced in advance.

Complete your consent form ahead of time for a faster process when you arrive for your shot.

Appointments for second doses will be provided when first doses are received.

The drive-through clinic is located at the Harold Avenue Regional Park, 23400 Harold Ave., in Port Charlotte. Again, appointments are required.

There is no fee for the vaccine. Identification and proof of residency are required. If you are a health care worker, bring identification and a copy of your ID badge or a current paystub.


For all individuals who received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through FDOH-Charlotte, your second dose will be scheduled when you receive your first. The date will be on the back of your COVID-19 Vaccination Card. You may arrive anytime between 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on that date to receive your second dose. The location is Harold Avenue Regional Park, 23400 Harold Ave., Port Charlotte, FL.

NOTE: The location for second doses may change, so check this website ( on your appointment day to confirm.

For your second dose appointment, bring your ID and COVID-19 Vaccination Card.

There is no need to contact DOH-Charlotte, 211 or Charlotte County regarding second dose vaccine appointments. No additional information will be available to the phone operators. The County asks you do not make a secondary appointment through the COAD FL site, unless directed to do so.

Sign up for Charlotte County Vaccine updates from the county: Simply text CharCoCares to 888-777 on your smartphone to opt-in. The service is free; message and data rates may apply.

In addition to CharCoCares text messaging, residents and visitors can find COVID-19 testing and vaccine updates on our social media channels and online at and


Second-dose update, posted on Feb. 23: After announcing a delay in shipment due to weather, on Feb. 23, the Florida Department of Health in Collier County announced they received a shipment in vaccines allotted for second-doses. DFOH-Collier said they will begin calling people to schedule their second-dose appointments.

Per CDC Guidelines, the second dose of both the Pfizer and of the Moderna vaccine may be administered up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose.



None scheduled

To make an appointment: Appointments are made online at See the information below about the waitlist, should you be unable to schedule an appointment for a specific date.

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN SCHEDULING: All you have to provide on the Eventbrite website is your name and email address. If anyone ever asks for your Social Security number, bank details, or credit card – hang up. It’s a scam.

MARCO ISLAND: The City of Marco Island has made city-distributed vaccines available to city residents only.

The new registration page will remain open for full-time and seasonal residents aged 65 and older, and appointments will be assigned based on zip code and age with the oldest being first.

How City of Marco Island residents can register for a COVID-19 vaccine:

Full-time and seasonal residents of Marco Island who are 65 and older can

register at any time at This link will also

be shared on the City website and City social media. The link will remain open

as this is not a first-come, first-served system. Once the online form is completed, residents will receive an email confirming

that they are registered for a COVID-19 vaccine on Marco Island and on the

waiting list. This is not a guarantee of a vaccination appointment. Registrants will then be prioritized for vaccination appointments when

allocations are received based on Marco Island zip code and age, and will

receive an email with the appointment time, date, and location Those who do not receive an appointment slot each week will remain on the

registration list for future vaccine events with no further action required.

The number of vaccine appointments will vary from week to week based on the

allocation the City receives from Collier County EMS. The City anticipates several

thousand residents registering in this system, and the City will typically be allocated

only a few hundred vaccines each week. Therefore, we encourage residents to

continue to seek other vaccine appointment opportunities in addition to the Marco

Island registration.

Vaccination clinics will be held at Mackle Park, 1361 Andalusia Terrace. The first will be Friday, March 5, when 350 COVID-19 vaccines will be provided to Marco Island residents by the city in partnership with the DOH and EMS-Collier. Vaccine appointments are prioritized by age (oldest first). If you receive an appointment slot, you will be notified by email and text on Wednesday, March 3, of your appointment time.

This is a walk-up site and masks must be worn at all times. Vaccines are for Florida residents 65 years of age and older, and frontline health care workers. You must bring proof of Florida residency and have your ticket to receive the vaccine.

CITY OF NAPLES: The City of Naples will hold its next vaccine clinic on Friday, March 5.

Reservations will open Tuesday, March 2, at 10 a.m., and the first 500 callers will receive a callback. More information on the process is below. The reservation line is 239-260-3087.

“To mitigate the effects of the high volume of people seeking to register, the City will provide a phone call to message service that will accommodate 100 concurrent callers at a time. The 101st caller will receive a busy signal and should try to call back. It is important that calls be made within the time period that the reservation system is active. Due to the limited amount of vaccines the City will receive, only the first 500 callers will be placed on a waitlist. Persons in this group will be notified by a City employee once vaccinations are available, and then an appointment will be made. Please be patient.

“Once the caller is in the messaging system, the callers will be asked to only leave their name plus their spouse’s name (if needed) as it appears on their government-issued identification and a call back number! No additional message or information should be left. This will reduce the time callers are in the queue, allowing more callers to connect before receiving the busy signal. PLEASE CLEARLY LEAVE ONLY YOUR NAME(S) AND CALL BACK NUMBER!

“A City of Naples staff member will call each person back in the order that their call was received. Please be aware that City staff will never ask for personal information, financial insurance information or social security numbers on the phone. Only information needed for the administration of the vaccine will occur, such as date of birth for eligibility, consent form and email address.”

Vaccinations will occur at Fire Station No. 1, located at 835 8th Avenue South next to City Hall. Members of the community that are registered for the vaccine will first check-in at the parking lot on 8th Avenue South across from the Fire Station. The check-in will be staffed by the Naples Police Department, and you will be asked to remain in your vehicle. Face masks are required.

The Moderna vaccine is being administered at this location, and you will need to return to the site in 28 days for your second dose.

NOTE: To stay up-to-date with the City vaccination events and COVID-19 information, please, visit the Naples information page.

To be first notified when the phone lines will reopen for the waitlist, you can “Subscribe” to constant contact. Visit the City’s website and click on Subscribe at the bottom right. Click the COVID-19 option as well as the emergency notifications and enter your email.

Eligibility requirements: Adults 65 years and older with proof of residency.

NCH: The health care system is vaccinating community members 65 years and older BY APPOINTMENT ONLY when vaccine doses are available.

They are not currently accepting appointments. More information will be released soon on when appointments will again be open.

The second round of shots began Monday, Jan. 18, for those who were first to receive the vaccine at NCH on Dec. 23, 2020, and will run through February until the second allotment of the vaccine has been used. The second allotment is being used ONLY for second doses at NCH.

FDOH-COLLIER: FDOH-Collier is distributing the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to health care personnel with direct patient contact and people 65 and older.

No referral needed and there is no cost. Clients will be asked to complete a registration form prior to receiving the vaccine.

The DOH-Collier call center will remain open Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The call center can be reached at (239) 252-6220.

DOH-Collier will allow people eligible for the vaccine to join a waitlist. You can find the waitlist button by visiting the Eventbrite registration page. When you click register, you will see a list of sold-out dates in addition to a red button that says Join Waitlist.

To get on Collier County’s waitlist, go to this link, click the date you want to join the waitlist for, click “Register” and then click “Join Waitlist” at the bottom. The FDOH told us the waitlist is only for the date and time you sign up for, not for any future openings. You’ll receive an email if there’s a cancellation and it’s your turn to secure an appointment, but keep in mind you’ll only have 12 hours to see that email and respond.

GETTING YOUR SHOT: This is a drive-thru service and they ask you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.

If you are unable to make an appointment, you can join a waitlist. (Instructions below.)

Health care personnel with direct patient contact will be asked to provide ID indicating they are health care staff.

Face masks must be worn while waiting in vehicles.

As for the second dose of the vaccine, Collier County says to expect an email 21 days after your first dose to make an appointment for your second.

Q & A for Department of Health – Collier County ONLY:

Events are “Sold Out”. Can I get on a waitlist?

You can sign up for the waitlist on Eventbrite. Note: Waitlists are only valid for the specific day of that clinic.

What is the website I should monitor? and

Events say “Sold Out”. Are you charging for the vaccine? There is no charge for the vaccine. The current appointment system is an event ticketing system and therefore when all appointments are booked, it says sold out.

How will I be notified if it is my turn on the waitlist? When someone cancels their appointment, you will receive an email if it is your turn to schedule an appointment. Follow the instructions in the email. You will have 12 hours to secure your appointment.

Do waitlists carry over to other days/times? No. A waitlist is only for a specific day/time. There is not a universal waitlist.

How do I make an appt. for the vaccine? Appts. are made via Eventbrite.

Can I show up without an appointment? No. Do not show up to a vaccine clinic without an appointment. You will not receive the vaccine.

If I am on a waitlist, should I come to the vaccine clinic? No. Do not show up without an appointment. You will not receive a vaccine.


I don’t live in Collier County, can I still receive a vaccine? Why are non-Collier residents allowed to receive a vaccine? Effective immediately, Florida is requiring proof of residency in order to receive a vaccine in any county. Check the Residency requirement checklist for more information.

If you got your first shot before the residency requirement change, you can still get your second dose without proving residency. Health care providers are exempt from the requirement. The requirement only applies to your first dose.

When will the next vaccine clinics be available? As soon as new dates are available, they are sent to local media and posted at We do not have a timeline.

What vaccine are you providing? The Moderna vaccine.


I received a Moderna vaccine. Can I receive a Pfizer vaccine for my second dose (or vice versa)? No. You cannot mix pharmaceuticals.

I received my 1st dose. How will I get my second dose? If you received your first dose through DOH-Collier, you will receive an email approximately one week prior to the 28-day mark to schedule your appointment. Note: You MUST wait at least 28 days to receive your second dose.

How will I schedule my appointment for the second dose? Instructions will be in the reminder email.

Will you guarantee that I receive my second dose? We will have designated days/times for those who need their second dose. You must make your own appointment.


Why is DOH scaling back on testing? We have limited staff and must continue to provide COVID-19 vaccine, COVID-19 testing, and daily services at the health department.

What do I bring to an appointment? You MUST bring your ticket (print out!) and you MUST bring your ID. The state now also requires proof of residency, so if you do not have a Florida-issued driver’s license or ID card with your Florida address, you’ll need to bring another document that proves you live in Florida, even if part-time. You can see the Residency requirement checklist (PDF) for accepted documents. Also, bring a blue or black pen to your appointment to complete the registration form. If you are health care personnel with direct patient contact, you must bring an ID indicating so.

Why aren’t you prioritizing by age group/disability/etc.? Per the Governor’s Executive Order, DOH is to vaccinate those who are 65+ and healthcare personnel who have direct patient contact. We cannot prioritize different groups.

I have 2 tickets, one for me and one for my spouse. Both tickets say my name. What should I do? Write the other person’s name on a ticket and bring both IDs with you at the time of your appointment.

I have an appointment and I don’t need/want it. What do I do? Log in to Eventbrite and cancel your ticket.


Notification will be sent out once appointments are available.

Call the location directly at the number listed below to make your appointment. Once appointments are filled, future reservations cannot be made. Names cannot be taken for standby/will-call. You can pre-register via the state website.

To schedule an appointment once vaccines are available, call one of these numbers based on your location:

LaBelle (863) 674-4041, press 00

Clewiston (863) 983-1408, press 00

Moore Haven (863) 946-0707, press 00

COVID-19 vaccines shall only be given to the following populations (Must have proper ID):

• Long-term care facility residents and staff;

• Persons 65 years of age and older; and

• Health care personnel with direct patient contact

Click here for the consent form (available in English, Spanish and Haitian-Creole) that must be filled out and brought to the Health Department to check-in for the appointment.



UPDATE: DeSoto County confirmed it would not administer vaccines for those who had appointments scheduled Tuesday, Feb. 16 due to winter storms out of state.

According to the DeSoto County Facebook post, due to winter storms moving across the central and eastern portions of the United States, vaccine appointments originally scheduled Tuesday have been in the process of being rescheduled to Tuesday, Feb. 23.

The County says the reason for the change is because vaccine shipments were delayed due to weather in other parts of the country.

The County says, if you had an appointment for Tuesday, you will be contacted. Second dose appointments scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 18 will not be impacted.

For questions or concerns, the County’s Vaccine Call Center will reopen at 8 a.m. Tuesday The number to call is 863-491-5335.


DeSoto County has officially shifted to the new statewide website for vaccine appointments. The website,, allows full and part-time Florida residents to register for the vaccine. Users will select their county and click, “get in line”. They will also be able to select how they want to be contacted. Please note: If you were already on the county’s vaccine waiting list, you will not need to register again. Everyone on the original list has now been shifted to the state’s waiting list.

Once appointments are available, individuals will be contacted by the state to schedule an appointment. For those without access to the internet, the number to call for DeSoto County is 866-201-7013.

On the day of the appointment, individuals will need the following items:

· The Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Consent Form (below).

· A valid ID as well as proof of residency. See below for a full list of acceptable documentation. NOTE: Vaccine eligibility is determined at the state level by the Governor’s requirements.

Download Consent Forms:

To print the form in English, Click HERE

To print the form in Spanish, Click HERE

A fully-staffed vaccine call center is up and running in our County’s Emergency Operations Center. If you have a question, the local number to call is 863-491-5335. Call Center staff can assist from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, the call center has been experiencing a very high call volume, so patience is appreciated.

LINK: DeSoto County vaccine resource page

Please do not call DeSoto Memorial Hospital as they are not scheduling or administering the vaccine to the general public.


FDOH-Sarasota is vaccinating frontline health care workers and those 65 and over.

To make an appointment: You must use the Vaccine Registration System to create an account and register for upcoming vaccine clinics. You’ll be able to select your preferred method of communication for notifications. You only need to register once, and then you’ll be in the queue for upcoming clinics. As appointments are made available, notifications will be sent to people in the queue in order of registration. Click here to download the consent form you need to bring to the appointment.

IMPORTANT: Sarasota County has OPTED OUT of the state registration system. If you want to receive a vaccine WITHIN Sarasota County, you must register through Everbridge.

SECOND DOSE INFO: If you received your first vaccine Dec. 29, 30 or 31 from the Department of Health in Sarasota County, you are coming up on your 28-day marker (Jan. 26, 27, 28) and will be contacted by 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 25, to schedule your second dose.

Second dose appointments will be scheduled through the Vaccine Registration System. You DO NOT have to register. Your contact information has been inputted for you. Appointments for second doses will be later in the week. If you’re unable to attend, you can decline and then you’ll be contacted when the next batch of second doses arrives.

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